Black Friday tips...

We know this is it, Crunch time. Black Friday is days away and there are just so many specials!! Hold on, we’ve searched the internet and wracked our brains, but we found the must know tips you are going to need to get you through this day!

1. Start Checking NOW

Check all your favourite stores and websites – don’t forget Instagram/Facebook and twitter. Everyone is sending out the details of what’s to come. PS message mailers should be coming through too. Everyone wants you to know what’s happening for the day – so be pre-emptive and check it out now.

2. Make a list.

The worst thing you can do is just go with it, by the end of your trip you would’ve wasted so much money because you weren’t prepared. So, to stop this, make a list of what you really need. While checking for what you need make a list of what you would want, that way once you have all the necessities you can go and spoil yourself a little bit.

3. Compare your Prices.

Use some online price checkers like to help you get the best price available. This will help you create a clear game plan for the day, so it’s a quick in and out when doing your Black Friday shopping. Be careful not to be re-routed to American based

4. Know the store Policies.

It’s always good to know the stores stand on a return policy. Does it apply for your Black Friday goods and is there a different policy towards these? Be sure to make contact with your retailer before Black Friday so you know if you need to avoid certain retailers or not.

5.Ask for Gift Receipts

A gift receipt shows the general description of the item but not the price, so if you are buying someone some amazing Kangol lingerie you can get a gift receipt (depending on their return policy) and have your loved one exchange if it’s not 100% for them.

Remember the best deals might not be on Black Friday only, start checking the week of and keep an eye out on Instagram for the special discount codes. So, there you have it; short and sweet, 5 small tips for Black Friday. Shop till you drop and be prepared!

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