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So lets go into a few new features we enjoy on the site!

The Kangol Care Guide Collection.

We understand that there are aspects of Beauty and Lingerie that are still a bit foreign, so in a glorious attempt we've gathered a need to know for each category. So if you check the page navigation in the top left hand corner you'll see a Cosmetics Care Guide and a Lingerie Care Guide.

These hints and tips we've gathered in the 20 odd years of handling Kangolza, and we've condensed them to the essential so we not giving you too much at once. These two categories are of course going to be ever expanding. The more knowledge we learn the more we will share, and hopefully you can share a tip or two with us.

Under our Cosmetics Care guide, we have a collection of Cosmetics shelf life. The big thing to remember here is that these dates are from the date YOU have opened them. So a bit of book keeping with these dates will be needed, but then again depending on how frequently you use them will also effect its expiry date 😋.

For the Lingerie Care Guide, we start you off with some simple tips on how to wash and dry. Believe me, we all need this 😂🤷‍♀️

Secondly, a fit and measurement guide. This is ultimately the hardest part, because we all want that Perfect fitting Bra and Panty, but honestly where do you begin? We know!

So we have a perfect fit guide, as well as what to avoid when trying on bra's - after all you need to know what not to look for and what to stay away from as well. Then the measurement guide - this is purely for Kangol! Each retailer has their own sizing so this might be your perfect Kangol fit but please don't use this every time.

Lastely the Style Guide! So this the fun one, this is a small showcase of the Bras and Bottoms Kangol does. Every style of Bra and Panty (Well not all of them, just the fun ones) you can find of Kangol is there - as well as a little description incase you were wondering why we need so many!.

So there you have it - short and sweet! Please drop us a comment if there is anything you've tried and worked or simply something you feel is missing here. We hadst much fun compiling all these tips as well as creating the online looking for showing our styles.

So much Love!

The Kangol team

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